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The Reluctant Missionary

Betty & sons are caught smuggling Bibles behind the Iron Curtain. Photographed by the secret police. A black Maria arrives and police infiltrate the meeting. Betty calmly gives each of them a portion of scripture and says 'Thank you' in Russian.

After meeting Rev Betty Stephenson, I can boldly say that she is no more a 'Reluctant Missionary' but a 'Mother to the nations' . God has changed her and moulded her in such a way to sense the call of God on her life and minister to the people around the world. This book shares the story how a reluctant missionary has become a 'Weeping mother' to the nations. I am so honoured and blessed to have her in our house and church to minister to the people. I have never seen Betty grumbling or murmuring but always praising and worshipping God with a smile in all situations. The gifts of prophecy and healing have opened the doors for her to minister to any unknown person and comfort them. May this book be a challenge to many to be obedient to the call of God into Missions.'

Pastor Dr. K.V.Daniel,

President, Voice of Gospel Ministry,

Mission Quarters, Trichur, Kerala, India.

This is a book which inspires and edifies the reader, as it tells how the Lord wonderfully intervenes in dark places on behalf of those who are available to Him, and who trust Him utterly

Rev John Woolley,

The "I Am With You" Foundation"