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After 16 years as senior pastor of Calvary Church, Brian has now retired and restricts his speaking engagements to the UK. He is a gentle man and a gentleman whom God uses to bring a word in season. He has the wisdom to know when a thing is from God.

His wife however is called to the whole world. Standing in the office of prophet and evangelist with a healing and deliverance ministry, she has taken the gospel to several countries, and has appeared on both terrestrial and satellite TV around the world giving great teachings and speaking on various Christian topics including 'How to hear the voice of God'. Some of her teachings are available on disc and video.

When they travel Brian becomes his wife's 'manager', leaving Betty to concentrate on the job in hand - prophecy/deliverance/healing/teaching.

Though retired from actually running a church, the Stephenson's are active at home and overseas. Betty still ministering to the nations, training missionaries and taking them out on the mission fields. Teaching Christians how to minister, recognise their gifts, use them, and then releasing them into their own ministry whatever that may be.

Though the Stephenson's have very different ministries, they are very much a team.


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