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'Mama Betty' at King Jesus International School. Tepa, GHANA

Betty's host Pastor Stephen Nimoh Mensah regularly asked her to pray for individuals after asking each what they needed prayer for. She didn't speak their language but EVERY TIME she said what God had told her, Stephen said, "You are 100% accurate I know this person." Many were instantly healed of terrible diseases, scorpion bites, malaria and many other problems that had some of the people off work for months.

One young man was unable to speak, move or think after playing with the juju for a joke. The devil held him in a trance for several years by making George believe that his mother was dead. George was moving under his own steam before 'Mama Betty' left. JOY (AOG magazine) report that Stephen's church has experienced revival since the mission and 3 men who were plotting against him were now so afraid that they came to him and confessed.